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Exotic Auto Works has humbly served the fine people of South Jersey & the Tri-State Area since 2001. At our core, we love great sounding audio, luxurious amenities and the convenience factor of today’s Technology. We love to tinker with new equipment as the Exotic Car industry continues to outdo itself with new features present every year.

At Exotic Auto Works, we love to listen. In fact, we do a lot of listening. Listening to our customers, of course (great Audio comes second for us!) We want to understand what kind of Sound System you currently have, what you used to have and what you want to have. By being armed with the knowledge of what you would like done, we exceed all expectations in terms of time, installation and care. Along with listening, we also do a lot of talking. But don’t worry, we speak in words you can easily understand- never any foreign lingo or terms you won’t comprehend! Looking for a sound experience? Exotic Auto Works has you covered!

Some like it red hot. Some like it ice cold. Have it your way with a remote car starter system, installed by Exotic Auto Works. Be in control of your car’s security system from your Smartphone! While you’re checking your Smartphone for Today’s weather, feel free to monitor your Car’s Security System from your phone as well. Or maybe you would like to keep a loved one safe while behind the wheel. Using GPS tracking technology, you can always observe your Car’s whereabouts with no phone call or text needed. Feeling the Need for Speed? Exotic Auto Works also carries cutting edge Radar Detectors and Laser Defense Systems, so you can gauge how fast your wings can take you (just be sure to fly responsibly).

Driving fast may be exciting, but driving safe is fantastic. We house a variety of backup cameras and parking assist sensors so you can finally nail that once impossible parallel parking. One iPad isn’t enough? Keep the bank functional and keep the kids entertained with affordable overhead video and in-dash DVD players… You’ll thank us later.